What Can We Do For You?

What Services Can We Provide For You?

You can count on us to execute a wide variety of online & remote tasks quickly and efficiently

Shopping & Order Management

  • Research, Recommend Products & Services
  • Place & Manage Online Orders
  • Create Shipping Labels & Schedule Pickup
  • Order Delicious Snacks Across The World
  • Gift Suggestions For Loved Ones

Travel Management

  • Travel Research Across Top Destinations
  • Manage Flight, Hotel, Cruise, Car Bookings
  • Activity Recommendations & Reservations
  • Find Details On Passport & Visa Processes
  • Reserve a Parking Spot

Events & Entertainment

  • Make Reservations for Sports/Music Events
  • Recommend & Book Local Activities
  • Find a Venue, Caterer To Host An Event
  • Research Party Ideas, Themes & More
  • Suggest Movies, Books & Board Games

Household Management

  • Search & Schedule Home Services
  • Suggest Personal Training Programs
  • Manage Membership Accounts
  • Make Utilities & Household Payments
  • Reserve Books At Local Library


  • Call Service Providers To Modify A Plan
  • Schedule Doctor, SalonĀ  Appointments
  • Call For Info. Not Readily Available On Web
  • Customer Service Calls (Flights, Hotels, etc.)
  • Under Warranty Product Maintenance



10 Tasks

Per Month
$4/additional task


20 Tasks

Per Month
$3.50/additional task


Pay As You Go

Per Month


50 Tasks

Per Month
$3.20/additional task


100 Tasks

Per Month
$3/additional task

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