About Us

Our lives have become increasingly complex. While technology has made various services easily accessible, it also created a burden for us - having to personally manage trivial tasks. Ex: Placing an online order, scheduling a doctor appointment etc. Many of these tasks require very little active engagement and thus can be delegated.

YouDelegate was founded to help people reclaim a portion of their day by reducing the amount of time spent on trivial tasks with a simple high-quality cost-effective solution.

Our Goals

Effective Delegation

Off-load as many customers’ tasks as possible to allow customers fully engage on things they are passionate about

Ease of Use

Send a brief message via Whatsapp, Phone Call or Email to initiate a task

Exceptional Quality

Our experienced team, continuous research activities and streamlined processes allow delivery of high quality work

Enriching Experiences

Whether it’s food, travel or a cultural experience, we strive for ways to bring most-loved things to our customers.

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